Holiday Riddim is a Reggae Riddim produced by Chris Knight Music Group and was released in February, 2015. Holiday Riddim features artists like: Geego, Ginjah, Honorebel, Chris Demontague, Ian Sweetness, Janel Wong Sang, Kancepp, Anthony Red Rose, Tabetha Schae and Anthony Cruz.

Holiday Riddim is available for digital purchase on iTunes, Amazon Mp3 and other digital platforms.


  1. Geego – Nuh Walk Inna Crowd
  2. Ginjah – Africa Calling
  3. Honorebel – Girl Only You
  4. Chris Demontague – Lovers Holiday
  5. Ian Sweetness – Girl Next Door
  6. Janel Wong Sang – Ritchie
  7. Kancepp – Gotta Hold On Me
  8. Anthony Red Rose – Ready
  9. Tabetha Schae – Touch Me
  10. Anthony Cruz – In My Life

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